Tamara L. Williams

Canadian author and high school teacher. She has written two pony stories which are part of the Lorimer Sports Stories series, books written about various sports by various authors and aimed at teens - some of the others in the series feature other equine sports by different authors (see link for more information). Both Ms. William's pony books are set in the eventing world and are linked, although can be read separately. Both the books take a realistic no frills look at the world of young competitive riding, including the downside. As well as these two horse novels, the author has also written a number of other children's books, including a few more in the aforementioned Lorimer Sports series (although no other horse ones).

When not writing or teaching, Ms. Williams enjoys riding herself, especially cross country.

Pony Books in the Lorimer Sports Stories Series:

Eventing stories which are linked by some of the same characters, although each book can be read on it's own. Both are also part of the
Lorimer Sports Stories series, which is a library of sports related stories aimed at teens/young adults written by various authors. Some of the other stories by other authors are also equine-themed.

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Published in both hardback and paperback.
In print.
SUMMARY: Teen eventing story set in Canada. Chloe longs to qualify for the prestigious Ontario Young Rider's eventing team. But, after a previous riding accident, she now struggles with nerves.

Published in both hardback and paperback.
SUMMARY: Teen eventing story. Bronwen is a member of the Ontario Young Riders eventing team and is hoping to do well in an upcoming championship in the USA. But pushing herself so hard leads to problems making friends and also sparks off an eating disorder.

Collector's Info:
Some used copies to be had outside of Canada, in the USA and UK and these are usually fairly low cost. Glory Ride is in print at the moment and available new in the USA, but not the UK.